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Respecting people, nature and wine

We work every day to produce wines of excellent quality, with respect for people and environment. The Terra Vitis and HEV labels certifie our eco-responsible approach.

Our eco-friendly approach, certified Terra Vitis and HEV 3, results in various daily actions carried out by all the staff of the property.

These actions are implemented on the property, both in the vineyard, the winery and its immediate environment. They are part of a progression that is ever more respectful of the environment, people and future generations. Their purpose is to maintain the protection of the environment, the respect and safety of the employees and the maintenance of the high quality of the wine.

Terra Vitis and HEV are labels that certify a global approach, symbolic of the values ​​of the Château Haut Lagrange, and the Boutemy family.


The Terra Vitis values ​​correspond perfectly to our vision and our working methods for several years:

  • Sustainable agriculture, so that future generations can fully exploit the extraordinary potential of our soils for growing grapes

  • The protection of the environment, intervening only in case of extreme necessity, and by valuing all waste.

  • Respect for the men who work daily on the vineyard by protecting them and ensuring optimal working comfort.

  • Respect for the consumer, by answering to strict Terra Vitis specifications in order to ensure total transparency.

The HEV 3 certification
(High Environmental Value)

In 2019, we obtained the HEV level 3 certification. This label consists of three levels of progression. Several environmental themes are included in the specifications and reflect our eco-responsible working methods: 


  • Protecting biodiversity 

  • The phytosanitary strategy

  • Fertilization management

  • Water resources management 


This third level that we have obtained is certified for the entire farm by a certifying body approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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